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Next Thursday I'm offering a creative class called "Renew Your Jewels".
Most people I know have a drawer full of baubles and unidentified shiny things that they keep but never use. We keep them around because they're pleasing to look at, or they seem like they will have a purpose some day, but we just haven't realized their potential yet. Up-cycling is a great way to give these items a new life. Consider how you could create something wonderful and eclectic with the nick-knacks and doodads you look past every day.

Below are some inspirations and ideas to get you in the mood. 

Class Description: Do you have boxes of single earrings, bracelets or necklaces you never wear? Bring your old jewelry to class and give it a new style. Untangle that mess in your jewelry box and bring home a totally unique chic piece of jewelry. 

In this class we will spend the first day assessing your collection, disassembling items and trying out some design possibilities. We will also learn how to link, wrap, drill and string items together.  The second class day we will finish the creations.  We will also cover fun ways to brighten drab items such as painting with enamels and attaching stones and beads to add sparkle and bold color.

Sign up for the class here:

Inspiration images below are pulled from various sources.
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The studio is looking gorgeous, just in time for the holidays.  
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My work has just been featured on the website Elegantly Bound a website featuring beautiful handmade books. Kelly, the creator has started a new inspiration page called "Pretty Things" . Thanks to her for including my work.For more info click here